Social Media: Rexburg Crisis Center

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The Crisis Center in Rexburg seeks to help restore the faith and strength of individuals who have suffered from domestic violence and/or sexual assault. They also want to help decrease the amount of future victims by educating others on how to help and friend and/ or stay away from these negative situations themselves. Often people who have suffered in this way have a feeling of hopelessness and/or lack of strength, some may even harbor feelings of guilt even though it was never their fault. These people are real and have lives that have been shaken by the choices of others. This can make them feel powerless. The posts which I created for The Crisis Center Facebook page are made to help these individuals, or anyone who has struggled, regain their power. They have followed the pattern stylistically and in theme that The Crisis Center has used previously to try and create brand recognition and continuity in their efforts to assist the wounded.

My process was simple, I would find pictures on Unsplash because they are always high resolution and are free fro re-use. I would also look for quotes on Pinterest and Google for inspiration on copy. I wanted everything to be short and easily digestible because often people are scrolling through Facebook very quickly and I didn’t want anyone to miss the positive messages being put out by The Crisis Center. I would then take the images into Adobe Photoshop to change anything I needed to, usually that was only very small coloring changes that were needed to increase the readability of the copy laid over the image. I created a template in Adobe Illustrator that made switching the images and copy  for new content extremely easy. I hope to continue to use this template with The Crisis Center so I can continue to work with them in creating content and whatever small design tasks they have for me.


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