Whats your anchor?

In the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to meet with Tiffany (my supervisor) and Taylor (another volunteer like myself) and discuss our plans moving forward with the advocacy program with local high schools. We will be starting an ambassador program (the title is still in the works) where students will apply to be a representative or ambassador for their school to help students who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Together we will be developing the application and requirements for this position because obviously we want whoever holds such an important position is capable of managing the other aspects of their life and is mature enough to deal with these sensitive issues.

A boat has an anchor that when used properly can stop a boat from being tossed wherever the wind blows and becoming damaged. So too, can we have anchors in our lives and relationships that keep us from being blown in the direction of whoever or whatever the current fad is. I have also been given the green light to begin designing and writing a curriculum to be taught in High Schools. I will be researching and writing about healthy relationships and why it is so important for people to decide beforehand what they will and will not accept as a healthy relationship, to decide for themselves to have an anchor. I want to follow the theme of anchoring yourself to the standards you create and the people who love and want what is best for you. So often people get into these bad relationships and think they don’t deserve any better or that it is not as bad as it is.

This curriculum will center on defining what is a healthy relationship with hoe you treat people and how you allow yourself to be treated. I am going to create screen savers for phones with different “Anchor yourself” or “What’s your anchor?” designs that can be downloaded and used to remind high school students that these issues are important. On the social media side of things I would like to start a hashtag, #myanchor where students can post the things they think and what helps them/will help them make good decisions moving forward in their relationships.

I feel like my focus will be making sure everything is very modern and young so that it will speak to my target audience. Obviously high school students are a difficult group of people to get their attention so I want the curriculum, designs and atmosphere to feel open, easy to understand and relate to. I feel like our relationships are so important, if we do not do everything in our power to make sure they are good, then what’s the point?


One thought on “Whats your anchor?

  1. alisonboyack says:

    This program you’re working on sounds amazing! That’s really cool to be part of a project like that and see it come together. I like the analogy you made with the anchor and how we need things in our life that give us stability. I also love the whole theme you have with it with the hashtags and taglines. I think it will go over really well, great job!
    Here’s what I did in my practicum this week: https://alisonboyackhb.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/patriots-and-pioneers/


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