Sometimes we think we can go straight into creating things but without the inspiration, planning, sketching and all the work that goes beforehand it is unlikely we will come up with something we like.

This week I tried to work in In Design but I didn’t like anything I was coming up with so I actually ended up scrapping all of it and going back to the drawing board. I tried looking at the crisis centers old content to see if I could envision something new but I still was having trouble. After trying for a little while without much success I remembered something my old design teacher use to always say. “When your feeling blocked, you really can take it to the Lord in prayer.”

Without getting too religious I’ll just say that when I took that time to step back from myself entirely suddenly ideas started flowing. This is not to say that all or any of these ideas will be used but at the very least I was beginning to feel happy with my work. The image on the left is the old cover for one of the crisis center’s handouts, next to my new design idea. It is a little bit hard to see in the picture but it plays off the “he loves me, he loves me not” idea and how not knowing if you are loved by your significant other is not a healthy relationship. On the right I have a few sketches for screen saver design ideas. My idea is that some kind of social media campaign can be launched with the #myanchor where young people can say what it is that anchors them to make good relationship choices and not allow themselves to participate in unhealthy relationships. We may or may not do anything with that idea but the sketches I created could be used for screen savers once the digital designs are finished. I liked them because I could legitimately see high school students using those designs on their phone and getting excited about a movement that celebrates what gives them strength.


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