Briefings and Design

Sometimes we think big things just happen. That just because we want to do something great that our desire alone can propel that forward, however, that is rarely if ever the case. The Family Crisis Center has done a lot of good and has aspirations to do even more good but that requires a lot of work and communication.

This week I studied more about what the Family Crisis Center actually does and how my skill sets can help. I was sent material on how to do briefings and then assigned to write a brief that after being reviewed will be sent to the Five County Treatment & Youth Rehabilitation Center. The hope is that my supervisor and I will be able to go to the Five C’s and just talk with the youth. While not all those in juvenile detention centers have suffered assault or the kinds of traumas we deal with, many of them have or are at risk in the future. We want to get their stories and help them with safety planning so they can be prepared to help themselves and those they care about.

I have also received an assignment to look through the handouts the crisis center is currently using and try to modernize them. It is interesting to me how design can make the difference between something being looked at as a joke or being seriously considered valuable information. This week I have sought out more specifically what I can do for these re-designs and will be working with these in subsequent weeks.


6 thoughts on “Briefings and Design

  1. stephdianec says:

    It’s incredible what you are doing! I have heard so much about the family crisis center and have such respect for that organization and those that work there and help. It sound like you are really applying what you are learning and helping to make a difference.


  2. annahdespain50 says:

    That’s interesting that you said the design makes a difference on how people view the material. I have to admit, I always choose the more professionally designed book, notebook, etc. I think design makes a huge difference, and the redesigning you are doing will affect how many people actually pick up a pamphlet or even take a second look. It sounds like the Family Crisis Center will be doing a lot to revamp its image. Great job and good luck!


  3. Hannah Morrison says:

    I’m really happy that there are organizations out there like the Family Crisis Center and people like you who are willing to put forth time and effort to help.
    I think it’s good that you’re going through and modernizing their handouts. You are so right. The way things look can determine whether or not they’re taken seriously. I read an article the other day about how we’re quick to criticize design changes, like the new Instagram logo, but people put a lot of work into things like that and they’re done for a reason.


  4. cas13005 says:

    I agree with what you said in your post. Design does make a difference when viewing material because it truly affects how I see material. If something catches my attention then I’ll read it, if it doesn’t I don’t read it. I really hope that we get to see the new designs you come up with!


  5. alisonboyack says:

    I think being able to redesign the crisis center and make them look more modern is a really cool opportunity! That’s sort of what I want to go into, more the of the design and creative side of promoting a business or company. It’s true that making a company look better will change the way people interact with them and the view they have of them. Hope you’re able to come up with some cool ideas!


  6. tiffanyosborn says:

    Shannon, I really appreciate the work you’ve been doing for the Family Crisis Center. It’s been great working with you. I’m excited to see how the flyers turn out and I’ll talk to you about the issue brief. It’s been refreshing to work with so many people that are passionate about the work we do there and are willing to put in the initiative to do great things for this community! Thank you so much!


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