Peer Advocacy

While we would all love to live in a world where sexual assault, domestic violence and the like are not a problem, unfortunately that is not the case. The weak are often victimized and often do not know where they can turn. I hope to help those who have felt alone and scared know where they can turn. I will be receiving training to become a peer advocate while using my communications background to create content for presentations to be used at assemblies at local high schools.

Communications is ultimately about connecting with people. Victims of sexual assault, stalking, violence, etc. often feel like that connection is broken. It can be difficult to speak up about things that have happened. Even when individuals do speak out, they often feel alone and like others cannot understand. Through my efforts I hope that I can bridge that gap and also improve in my own ability to communicate and reach out to other people in need.

This is a topic I feel very passionate about because I have a loved one that was a victim of sexual assault. It took her seven years for her to tell anyone what had happened. I would never have guessed that she had this experience but having someone to talk to about it meant the world to her. I have wondered since if there was anything I could have done to make her feel she could have talked to me sooner. She has since received therapy and counseling and through all that many deep emotional wounds have been able to heal and she has found peace.


4 thoughts on “Peer Advocacy

  1. pr27portfolio says:

    Being a peer advocate sounds like it will be a great experience for you! I agree that people feel alone whether or not they speak up about what happened. I know of a few people that have have been sexually assaulted and most have said that groups like this helped them immensely.


  2. frame3 says:

    Thanks for sharing Shannon. This is a very unique and profound practicum. I think it is wonderful that you are getting involved with this. Given how well you write, I feel like you have a very good ability to communicate. I think you will do so well with this practicum and I wish you all the luck! I can’t wait to hear more about it.


  3. stephdianec says:

    It’s incredible what you are doing for these people! It’s pretty impressive. I hope you can learn, grow and help people during your practicum. I am sure you are going to be great!


  4. Amy K. Singh says:

    I’m super excited to see how you will grown with this practicum. This sound like a wonderful chance to build your communication skills and also applying it to real life. Good luck!


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