Music Weekend: Brochure


P8-ShannonDoxey (front)

The image to the left folds over the image to the right.

InsideP8-ShannonDoxey (Inside)


P8-ShannonDoxey (back)

Video Showcase: 

Tri-folding brochure with original logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

First I sketched and drafted out my design. Once I figured out how I wanted the folds and the general idea of the design I searched for images and saved them all into a project folder with their links.

I set up the design and where the folds are in Adobe InDesign. I split my layout into seven sections my idea being that the brochure would be three fold but the front cover would be cut in half and therefore needed to be designed individually.

I used my logo’s icon throughout the brochure to create repetition and flow. I specifically chose my logo colors to be vibrant and energetic so it would have a young feel and capture the viewers attention.

I wanted the outside of the brochure to be eye catching but a little ambiguous due to the nature of the topic, I wanted to draw the audiences interest in the event before they shut down about the cause.

For the background image on the inside I used the ‘quick selection tool’ in Adobe Photoshop to remove the background for just the part where the girl was.  I edited the background of the image to blur the wheat so that the image was not so busy and the test on top of it could be read. I then ‘placed’ the images into InDesign. I had to layer the images on top of each other, the first image has the background and the second part just has the girl. I used the ‘text wrap’ option to wrap my text around just the girl using ‘alpha channel’.

I also used Photoshop to change the color of the image of the group of people at a concert. I copied the indigo color hex I had been using for my design and used that as a filter for the image so that it was one consistent color rather then the various colors it was originally.

I created the logo in Illustrator using the pen tool and type. I placed it into InDesign and created a second part where only the icon was used so i could repeat that element throughout.

I focused a great deal on alignment, it was a challenge getting the cut out part of the design to not cut into any elements of the design and still have everything be aligned properly.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign/Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop

Message: Help raise awareness and money to combat the negative affects of pornography. Empower people to help make a change.

Audience: Teenage and college aged individuals.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to wrap text around an image in InDesign, how to create a brochure. I also learned how to change an images color hue on Photoshop.

Color scheme and color names: Tetradic: Indigo, Gold, Violet, & Lime

Title Font Name & Category: Badoni (Regular & Bold) / Serif font

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica / Sans Serif font

Word count: 226

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on original websites):×1200.jpg×640.jpg×1200-wallpaper-2418303.jpg?1405935822





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