Caryn Esplin


Visual Communication Emphasis/ module


  • Measures your online influence
    • 70- Very High
    • 60-Top 5%
    • 30-34- Good to be at

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

  • Looking for Key Words that make you stand out online.

ESV: This is what employers are looking for today.

  • Efficient
  • Skilled
  • Versatile


  • Pray for the right path
  • Timing & Connections-seek the right people out at the right time.
  • Make it Happen!- Don’t just wait for it to fall in your lap
  • Customized resumes & cover letters- Sell yourself to the people you want in the way that they want.
  • Internships (unpaid does say a lot)
  • Network: Start branching out now.

Today I learned a lot about the way online searching works. I had never considered a strategy that makes you pop up before someone else. I want o start being more conscience of what my online influence is and how I can make myself stand out more to the right kinds of people.




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