Jessica Johnson: Stationary

P6ShannonDoxey (Stationery)

Description: Business card and letterhead set with matching personally designed logos.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

First I sketched a lot of ideas. I actually made a few drafts even before the critique process. I first created the logo in adobe illustrator using the initials and trying to arrange them in a creative way that added to the message. I found a font I wanted for the “J”, copied a reflection and added outlines. I used the pencil tool to draw in the roots. To make the flower I drew a general design and then manipulated it with the direct selection tool until it was exactly as I wanted it.

Then I took my AI design into Adobe InDesign and worked on matching fonts and creating the rest of my design. I tried to find non-tacky ways to repeatedly incorporate my logo into my design so I actually made three separate AI documents with pretty much had the same things in them that I could use. I tried to pay special attention to my alignment, flow, and gestalt. I wanted everything to work together and enhance one another rather than any one part taking away from another.

After gathering critiques I made some additional color decisions and font selections.

Message: Inform that Jessica is a professional with expertise in botany (plants).

Audience: Professionals in the botany field and those who review applications for internships.

Top Thing Learned: I learned a lot more about logos. The simpler they are seems to be the best. I started off very complicated and then tried to simplify it too much but I felt like I ended with a happy medium. I also learned a lot more about how closely adobe illustrator and in design can be used.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic: Green

Title Font Name & Category: Perpetua—Serif Font

Copy Font Name & Category: Perpetua—Old Style (Serif)

Helvetica Light— Sans Serif


4 thoughts on “Jessica Johnson: Stationary

  1. sarahrodebush says:

    Cool design, Shannon! I love how you incorporated a nature feel to your design since your company is about plants and vegetation. Bring unity to your entire project! It was also clever of you to turn the 2 J’s into a flower for the logo! Cool idea! I think the monochromatic green color scheme is perfect for the feel of your design as well. Overall, awesome job! I look forward to seeing more of your projects in the future!


  2. Samuel Prows says:

    Hey jess, great job on your stationery project. Your design is very creative and well done. It looks like you put a good amount of work into you logo and it turn over very nice. Your fonts are well chosen and the message is well communicated. One of my favorite parts of your design is how you implemented the J’s from your name into you logo in a creative way. You have nice white shape and a consistent color scheme, tho it would be nice to see a little more yellow in there. A few things that i would work on is your alignment and contrast . Your name and info on your letter head are just a little of alignment. I l think it would look really good if you curned “plant and vegetation specialist” so that it is the same width as your name. Something that you can do to really make your elements pop is giving them a little more contrast in color. Awesome job!


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