Logo: AubreeBelle Photography

Description: Logo for an individual’s personal photography business.

Process: I looked at AubreeBelle’s Instagram for logo inspiration. I actually pulled one of the photos to trace the profile to make it more realistic. I focused on alignment by making sure everything aligned with at least one of the ends of the hat. I also focused on color, making sure they would be readable and be a complete color scheme.

Programs/Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator.

Message: AubreeBelle Photography’s portraits and fashion photography are pretty, classy and fun.

Audience: Mainly focuses its attention towards women. Women are the main subjects of AubreeBelle’s photographs.

Top Thing Learned: Navigating Adobe Illustrator was a challenge at first but I ended up enjoying it by the end. I learned how to use the pen tool to make shapes and to add or remove points so I could control the shapes in exactly the way I wanted

Color Scheme and Color Names: Triadic color scheme- Gold, Violet, & Teal

Title / Body Font Names & Categories: AubreeBelle -Aubrey font (Sans Serif). Photography -Perpetua Titling (Serif, all caps old-style)


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